Moss control


Moss grows in most lawns during autumn and winter months due to damp weather conditions.


Why treat moss in lawns?

Moss can be detrimental to the condition of the lawn because over time it can form a thick layer which will choke out the grass plants.

Moss tends to grown in thin or shady areas of lawn where it has space to spread. Lawns which are thick and healthy are less prone to moss as there is little space for it to thrive.

How effective is moss treatment?

Moss cannot be completely eradicated, but it can be controlled provided the right treatments are used at the right time of year.

Weather conditions, such as long periods of heavy rain, may affect how long moss control is effective before retreatment is required.

What type of products do we use?

Busy Bee Garden Services Ltd uses a blend of products tailored to each lawns specific needs. This not only effectively controls moss, but hardens and conditions the grass plants throughout the winter. 

What to expect after moss treatment

Moss will turn from a green colour to brown/black very soon after it is treated. The blackening will not be apparent for too long as the surrounding grasses fill in. Dead moss is usually raked out.

How soon can I mow after a moss treatment?

Busy Bee suggest mowing not be carried out for at least a few days following treatment so that the treatment becomes fully absorbed into the moss.


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